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Five Design Tips to Add Personality to your Home

1) Re-upholster Furniture in a New Fabric

Re-upholstering chairs in a different fabric is a great way to give them new life. I especially love seeing traditional chairs upholstered in a more modern fabric and modern chairs upholstered in a more traditional fabric. The juxtaposition is a little unexpected which creates visual interest in a space.

2) Custom Lamp and Sconce Shades

Most lamps or sconces come with a pretty standard solid linen shade. By changing out the shade, you can totally transform the look of the lamp. It’s an inexpensive way to add customization in your home. Etsy is a great source I love to use for custom shades.

3) Contrast Trim

The go to standard trim color is classic white, but I love creating contrast with an unexpected trim color. Beadboard or trim color painted to match a specific color in a patterned wallpaper or roman shade can make such a big impact in a room.

via Kate Lester Interiors

4) Add something Vintage

Vintage or antique pieces add so much character to spaces. If you are working with a clean white, modern space, an antique can add warmth and charm. Most people think antiques are fragile or not meant for families with young children, but we added a great antique 19th century storage bench with built in storage for toys and books that makes cleaning up so much faster! It’s also great for its extra functional seating.

5) Frame the Unexpected

By putting unexpected items in frames, the items automatically become elevated. For example, you can put old stamps, maps, or kid’s artwork in a frame which is an inexpensive way to add accessories in your home.

via Bria Hammel Interiors


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